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Our Process

Our approach to relationship success is unique and works!
Like Minded Personalities

What is it?

Small 6-8 Person 1.5 hour Breakfast, and Lunch Events.

How Does it work?

Find an event near you, RSVP and show up. 
The moderator will handle the rest. You will have equal time to share who you are and what you do.

Jumpstart is here to help you break the ice with new people, build new relationships, and help you gain valuable contacts and customers through networking.
Networking Lunch
Moderated Professional Events!
Equal Time Between 8-15mins each!
Meet People You Would Never Meet on Your Own!
Fastest Way to Grow Your Network!
Build Depth in Your Relationships!
Get Beyond the 30-sec Elevator Pitch!
Connections = Opportunities!


  • This app is going to change the way you meet and build real relationships. I love that it tracks the people I am meeting and allows me to set levels of relationship so I am always meeting new people. Im excited to see what it can do for my business.

    Brandon H.

  • ...This app is amazing! It has every networking event, lunch, activity in the state and is growing rapidly. This takes all the legwork and hassle out of figuring out what is going on.

    Jay H.

  • I enjoy that I can connect with the people at the meeting and then have their contact info on the app. It makes it so easy to refer others when I have their info at my fingertips!

    Guy V.

New to Networking?

Our moderators handle everything for you. You just need to show up and be yourself. 

The best way to network is by being yourself! You'll naturally find those you'll want to do business with. After all your unique brand is what Networking is all about. Our Networkers already love you!
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Earn money and connections by helping others people meet.
Create a safe place for all personalities to meet and grow their professional relationships.
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Run a Networking Group?

We partner with groups and share revenue with our partners. You can promote Jumpstart to your members and attendees and earn money as more people come and attend Jumpstart Events.

Not to mention all the amazing features that Networkr can offer your group in connecting others to new people.

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